Get set for a BIG reality check…

Do you want to know the real reason why you’re constantly failing to make big money in your niche

Even if you have….. the best product in the world…. The most professional sales page ever
written, or the most brilliant sale funnel every created…..

….none of that matters,

Because IF you’re sending the WRONG TYPE OF TRAFFIC to your site in
the first place, you’re guaranteed to fail.

It doesn’t matter if you're selling your own products.....or you’re a super affiiate.... or you’re a newbie just
starting out.

The simple fact is the WRONG type of traffic will NEVER convert to sales no matter how slick and
clever all your marketing efforts are.
What keyword tool are you using at the moment to find the keywords you need for your niche market?

Don’t worry….it doesn’t matter because, in the end, they’re all the same.

Now you might think I’m some sort of nut saying that….. all keywords tools are the same. 

But I’m not, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

If you’ve been trying to find the best keywords to drive traffic and get
your pages ranked highly on Google, then you have a huge uphill battle
because continuing to use ‘traditional’ keyword tools just won’t cut it
Think about it…

Where do all the ‘traditional’ keyword software tools on the market get their keyword search data from?

Of course it's…Google…because they’re the only ones capable of amassing and compiling such a
massive amount of complex data..

And that’s where the big problem for you begins and ends

With every keyword tool on the market returning the same search results for EVERY user who enters
the same keyword as you do... where does that leave you?

I’ll tell you where it leaves you….

It leaves you competing with hundreds of thousands of other people who are using those same keywords
as you.
Let me give you one example…

I own 5 keywords tools (no names because I don’t want to embarrass or upset anyone).

We’ll just call them keyword tools A, B,C,D, and E.

I can tell you that keyword tool A is  ‘Google’s Keyword Planner’.

As for the other keyword tools,…B, C and D, are arguably the most popular keyword tools on the market
today. Tool E is not as well known.

So here’s the test I ran…

I chose that good ‘ole niche marketing standby…..DOG TRAINING because it's a super competitive
popular niche.

I entered that keyword as the “phrase”… “DOG TRAINING” into  ‘Google’s Keyword Planner’ and got back
800 keyword phrases
I saved all those keywords phrases for later comparison.

Then I repeated the exact same test and entered “DOG TRAINING” into each of the other
Keyword Tools B,C, D, E and F.

Want to know the results I got back?

Keyword Tool B: Also returned 800 keywords, and 98% of the keywords were identical to the keywords
‘Google Keyword Planner’ returned.

Keyword Tool C: Returned 798 keywords.100% of those keywords were identical to the keywords
‘Google Keyword Planner’ returned.

Keyword Tool D: Returned 730 keywords. 85% of the keywords were identical to the keywords ‘Google
Keyword Planner’ returned. (15% were strange and mostly irrelevant keywords)

Keyword Tool E: Returned just 550 keywords. (don’t know why only 550) - 100% of the keywords were
identical to the keywords ‘Google Keyword Planner’ returned.

Since every keyword tool on the market gets it keywords and data from Google, those results aren’t
So here’s the big take away from that test……

If you’re in the DOG TRAINING market, and you search the for the keyword “DOG TRAINING” in ANY
keyword tool, you’ll get very close to the exact same keywords as every other person who uses the
same tool and also types in “dog training”

Straight away….can you see the two huge problems you now have working against you?

No matter what keyword tool you use, every person using it will get the
almost identical keyword list results for the same search.

But what’s an even greater concern is this…

You’re going to have tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of people out there who are in your
market or niche competing against YOU, because they’ll be using the exact same keywords as you’re
So, if you wanted to get on page 1 of Google for the keyword phrase “DOG TRAINING”, you’ll have a
monumental battle on your hands.

And you'd almost certainly fail unless you were prepared to put in months, maybe years, of mind numbing
SEO stuff.

But now, let’s think outside of the box

Let’s focus on targeting and finding the keywords and phrases that ‘desperate buyers’ in the dog
training market, might use in their searches.

Except this time, instead of using keywords from those commercial keywords tools, I’ll be using some
keywords and phrases taken from a secret ‘desperate buyer’ keyword arsenal, that I’ll introduce you to
a bit later on, that makes it so easy to find all those keywords and phrases that ‘desperate buyer’s
will use to find solutions to their problems.

And these will be keywords and phrases that none of those other keyword tools have any hope of
ever finding.

Using my ‘secret keyword arsenal’, I was able to come up with thousands of ‘desperate buyer’ keywords
and questions that hone right in on the real problems REAL PEOPLE had asked about training their

Here are just a few examples that I  quickly picked out from a list of 10,474 desperate buyer keywords
related to DOG TRAINING.

Remember, these are NOT pretend or made up keywords, they are REAL KEYWORDS and PHRASES
that REAL PEOPLE have used to search on Google.
And it’s a BIG one, so listen up…

The ONLY way you can dominate your niche market, is to make sure
you’re getting TARGETED TRAFFIC by using the right TARGETED
KEYWORDS that are guaranteed to only bring you the buyers with
wallets open ready to buy!

If you’re not doing that right from the start…. then the rest doesn’t

You have to change your mindset when thinking about what keywords and phrases you must use to
generate targeted traffic.

You need to start think like the ‘DESPERATE BUYERS’, because.....

....They are the ONLY people willing to open their wallets and buy what you have to offer.

'DESPERATE BUYERS' are people will real problems, and they’ll do anything to find a solution to
their problems.

There are NOT the lookers……
There are NOT the information seekers…..
There are NOT the tire-kickers….
There are NOT the time-waster….

People with desperate problems looking for solutions will always exist in every niche market.

You just need to know how to find them and tap into them.
Do this quick exercise….

Put yourself in a ‘desperate buyer’s’ position in your niche.

How would they search Google for the solutions to their problems?

What words and phrases would they use in their searches?

In our ‘DOG TRAINING’ example, when you can think like a typical ‘desperate buyer’ and you understand
what  words and phrases they’ll use in their Google searches to find solutions to their dogs behavior
problems. You’ve got the game won!

So here’s’ my point……

If you know how to hone in on the ‘desperate’ nature of people’s problems (no matter what the niche or
market is) and you can find those ‘desperate buyer’ keywords, you’ll rise above your competition.

YOU will drive more traffic.....YOU will easily outrank them.....which mean YOU will become THE

....So YOU will be the one always making the most money.
I’m talking about a massive archive of  REAL keywords that REAL DESPERATE BUYERS have
used to search Google for solutions to their problems.

And I’m talking about keywords and phrases that NO keyword tool can ever find.

Never before has such a massive arsenal of ‘DESPERATE BUYER’ keywords been compiled and made
available to the public

Every keyword in this massive arsenal pinpoints the desperation in each search query made on the
internet, by REAL PEOPLE.
None of those ‘traditional’ keyword tools on the market today were any help to me at all…

To gather this massive amount of ground-breaking keyword information and data, I discovered a way to tap
into Google’s hidden goldmine of keywords.

It took 15 months of trial, error and testing, to find this back door into Google’s hidden vault of keyword
data. But I did it.

And the gold mine of keywords I found was mind blowing (you would not beleive how many keywords
Google keeps hidden from the general public.)

And now, you are going to get access to a direct line of previously
untouched, hidden goldmine of keywords that Google has always kept
hidden from view!

When you think about what you could do with the keywords in this package….and then think about the
advantage the information in this package will give you over your competition, it should make your
head spin!
So what are YOU going to do?

If your business is just marking time….or worse, it’s going backwards.

If your competition is walking all over you, stealing your traffic…. your sales…. and your money….. then
what are you going to do to change things?

You can’t keep doing things the same way you’ve always done them.

You need to decide to make some dramatic changes NOW.

But you’d better not waste any time thinking about it

Right now you have biggest opportunity staring you right in the face to completely change your profit
margins, your conversion ratios and the amount of cold, hard cash that flows into your bank
account each month - without ever having to increase your work load or change your business model.

This maybe the last chance - to get in on the ground-floor, and finally get ahead of the pack.

The sky's the limit right now.

....Because you’re going to start focusing your marketing towards where the real money is
made - to the desperate buyers in your niche, instead of information seeker….tire kickers....
freebie seekers and the time wasters!

....Because while you’re competitors are too busy focusing on.... building fancy sales
funnels.....creating videos.....building pretty web'll be putting yourself so far
ahead of them, they won’t know what hit them when you start ranking for keywords they
never even knew existed.
I'm sure you realize that $49 is a ridiculously fair deal for you. and so I know you will not pass up on this!

I've really tried hard to prove to you why you need to own the 'Desperate Niche Dominator'
package today.

This is your life.

And it’s your financial success at stake here!

Every day your competition just gets harder and harder, and you have to find an edge that will give YOU
the advantage over them. NOT just for a day, or a month......but permanently.

And the Desperate Niche Dominator' package is it!

So think very hard on what I’m about to say….

You now only have two choices left to make….

You can forget everything you’ve seen and read on this page…hit the ‘close page’ button, and just
continue battling away, following the pack, not making any real long-term income, and getting nowhere. 

OR you can take action right now, and own the business-changing ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’

Your business is your life!!

You depend on the income you make….your family depends on the income you make.

So why would you put it all at risk.
If you want to seriously make money online then...

....You DON'T need the tire-kickers

....You DON'T need the researchers.

....You DON'T need all the freebie seekers.

....You DON'T need the information seekers.

....You DO NEED to attack the customers that are desperate to buy your products or services.

And 'Desperate Niche Dominator' package will enable you to locate all the desperate buyers you could
every need…..all for just $49!
Desperate For More?
How About a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee?

If at anytime during the 60 days you feel that the keyword data in 'Desperate
Niche Dominator' package is not everything I said it was, then I WANT YOU to
email me immediately and ask for a refund.

I DO NOT want your money if you do not find the 'Desperate Niche Dominator'
niche keyword package a game changer for your business.

So you really can't afford to pass this up.
But if you’re still sitting on the fence wondering if this is right for you, then
think about this….

The insanely cheap $49 offer for the “Desperate Niche Dominator” package won’t be around for too long,
because I’ve decided to limit the number of these packages I release

For now, I honestly don’t know how many packages I’ll be making available at the $49 price.

But I WILL guarantee you of this….

….as soon as I get the feeling I’m letting this package go too cheaply, then I’ll be at least doubling the
price up to $97 without warning.

That’s why I am serious when I say...... you need to jump on this right now and beat your
competitors to the punch, otherwise, not only will you lose out, but you’ll end up having to paying double
the price to get it in the future.

I promise you when I say..... this isn't some scare you marketing tactic.

It’s the reality.

Secure you exclusive 'Desperate Niche Dominator' package now for only $49, by clicking the
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P.S. So now you’re back’s against the wall… what are you going to do…

….you either take the risk and battle with tens of thousands (maybe millions) of your competitors trying to
make money using the same tired, overused keywords put out by all those other keyword tools….

Or you start marketing smarter, and start using this massive package of literally 3 MILLIONS untapped
‘desperate buyer’ keywords that no other software can find, and that everyone is missing out on.

So lock in your package now by clicking the 'GET INSTANT ACCESS’ button below.

P.P.S. It doesn't matter if you market your own product, or you're an affiliate, the ONLY profitable way to
long-term financial success is to market to the right buyers. The desperate buyers.

And the 'Desperate Niche Dominator' package is as close as you'll ever get to the 'holy-grail' of niche
marketing success.

It truly makes all your niche marketing efforts as fail-proof as you can ever get!
Glen Hooke
I promise you that your niche marketing will never be the same again.

To Your Niche Domination,
Now just in case you don’t believe any of that, let me open your eyes...
These factors alone easily make this package worth tens of thousands of dollars to you, because it’s the
foundation that will help you build a highly profitable long-term online business!!

But the good news is - you are NOT going to have to pay that sort of money for this package that will
continue to pay off for a lifetime.

Look, I know only too well that there are tough economic times happening, and I remember how difficult it
can be for “newbies” (or anyone) to get their struggling businesses to make consistent money.

So what I’ve decided to do is heavily discount the price of a “Desperate Niche Dominator” package 
to a ridiculous…...$49
You could easily dominate and become THE authority in the 'DOG TRAINING' niche, when you focus on
finding the desperate buyer keywords and phrases for other dog training topics like: Separation Anxiety;
Digging; Chewing; Jumping Up; Aggression; Toilet Training; Begging; Chasing.
But before you get too excited, there's a bigger problem you have to

Trying to hunt out the perfect “desperate buyers" in any niche has always been extremely difficult.

It takes a lot of time-consuming manual research.

I know, because I've spent the last 15 months in the bowels of Google collecting and compiling a massive
arsenal of keyword data that zeros in on the most profitable “desperate buyers” within ANY niche!
(Are you) Sick of wasting time and money trying to rank your pages and drive traffic using the same keywords the Big Boys
have already run into the ground?

Here's How You Can Beat All Your Competitors in
the Game by "Staking Your Claim" To a Hidden
Goldmine of The Best Money Making 'Desperate
Buyer Keywords' Even the Most Advanced Keyword
Tools Have No Hope of Ever Finding!

Finally you can stop competing and start dominating with this MASSIVE arsenal of ‘desperate buyer’
keywords your competitors will never even know exist.

Here's The Dirty Secret No One Tells About All Those Keyword
Tools, And How The Keywords They Feed You Are Ruining
Your Business…
Here’s The BIG Secret to Dominating ANY Niche Market You
Choose to Go After.
Introducing ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ - the Most
Comprehensive Arsenal of 3 MILLION KEYWORDS Ever
Developed, That Laser Target The Money Making
Desperate Buyers” in 737 NICHE MARKETS.
How Did I Find These ‘Desperate Buyer’ Keywords If I
Didn’t Use Traditional Keyword Research Tools?
Let Me Show You Exactly What You’ll Be Getting in the ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ Package.
You’ll get a massive database of over 3 MILLION 'desperate buyer'

No one has ever compiled such a massive keyword arsenal like this before,
because no keyword tool can get access to bowels of Google to dig out
this sort of information.

These keyword phrases are REAL keywords, that have all been searched
for by REAL PEOPLE searching Google for solutions to their problems.

This list of desperate buyer keywords took 15 months to collect, sort and

And there are enough keywords in this package to keep a team of content
marketers busy for at least 3 lifetimes, and still not get through them all.

To give you an even bigger head start, I‘ve then gone a step further, and I’ve
grouped the 3 million desperate buyer keywords into 737 niche

So, if you don't have the first clue about what niche you want to dominate, then
this list of 737 niche markets will enable you to find hungry buyers
reaching for their wallets in almost any niche that you can imagine.

This extensive list of 737 categorized niche ideas and keywords is
the shortcut start that will save you hours and hours of work, which
means you can get started straight away putting together your niche sites,
writing content, getting traffic and making sales!
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An Arsenal of 3 MILLION ‘Desperate Buyer’ Keywords,
Categorized  Into 737 Of The Best Money Making Niche Markets
on The Planet. (value -priceless)
101 ‘How To’ Question Formats -(value - $67)

When people are searching for solutions to their problems, they very
often use the prefix…’How To….’ when they search.

For example: How to afford…. How  to stop……How to buy…..

So I’ve taken those 3 MILLION keywords and categorized them
right down into 101 of the most asked ‘How to’ question

This is powerful information, and again, it’s a massive time saver for
Watch This Short Video
228 Desperate Buyer ‘Qualifiers’ (value - $97)

I’ll give you a list the words and phrases that people use when they
are searching for the answers to their problems online.

I call these secret words and phrases desperate buyer….

I have spent hours researching and putting together this
DEFINITIVE list of killer desperate buyer ‘qualifiers’

For example, one of the most recognized 'desperate buyer’
qualifiers is the phrase…’How To…..’. Others include: treatment
for…. side effects of…. relief from…. symptoms of…
do I….get rid of….take care of.

I found another 221 of them….

For you to tap into the desperate buyers in your niche, you have to
first get into the mind of the desperate buyer…you have to
know what the best 'qualifier’ words are that the typical desperate
buyer will likely use in your niche.

These desperate buyer ‘qualifiers’ are the Marketing Holy
Grail that will help you to lure desperate buyers in your
niche almost immediately.
The ‘Ultimate Niche Domination Formula’ Course (value - $97)

This is a complete niche marketing and affiliate marketing course all rolled
into one.

The 'Ultimate Niche Domination Formula'® is a 70 page PDF gold-mine
full of foolproof techniques to help you completely find and dominate any
‘desperate buyer’ niche market, and literally extract enormous amounts of
cash from niches, focusing on desperate buyers.

You'll discover absolutely everything: from selecting the right hot, profitable
money-making niches, and totally dominating them at will.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this course....
What is a profitable niche - Believe it or not, most marketers get this completely wrong and
fail because they don’t know what a niche really is. They see something as a niche when actually it
is not. In this chapter I explain absolutely everything.

How to easily and almost effortlessly - uncover extremely profitable niches that are full of
rabid buyers that are willing to literally purchase almost ANY product that you offer to them.

How to monetize your niche and extract insane amount of cash out if it - This is
simple, it doesn’t matter if you’ve found a desperate niche, if you don’t know how to monetize it
then you’re not anywhere. I show you step-by-step some of my killer strategies to monetize
desperate niches the easy way!

The TWO types of buyers you need to look after in a niche - This is really simple. If you
don’t have at least one of these types of buyers you’re wasting your time and your money.

What the heavyweight marketers and millionaire gurus do when they find an
extremely lucrative niche - I provide the “profit niche test” that will immediately tell you if
you’re in front of a niche that pays well. (This is something really important if you’re planning to
make a lot of money.) This “profit niche test” is priceless.

Three powerful, outside-the-box techniques that will allow you to cash in BIG in
your selected niche - You’ll discover THREE effective ways to make money from
your niche. If you want, you can use any one of them or even all of them together to literally
SKYROCKET your earnings.

How to exploit the “Psychology of desperation”  - to your advantage and provide to your
desperate market the perfect solution that will allow them to sleep at night (and throw you money
as well!)

How to drive laser-targeted traffic to your niche offers and multiply your
earnings quickly and easily - I show you how to drive DESPERATE BUYER traffic so you
can sit back, relax and count all the money you’ve made.

Product Creation Vs. Affiliate Marketing - I will show you which one of these fantastic
ways of making tons of cash is the ideal for you!

More ways of driving targeted traffic that’s willing to buy over and over again -
Once you have this type of traffic, then there’s nothing to worry about. You WILL make money over
and over again!

Plus a whole lot more.....
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